ServerPronto: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good

ServerPronto offers fast, reliable dedicated servers at amazing prices. Established in 2003, ServerPronto has become a leader in the dedicated hosting market. Having hosted close to 10,000 dedicated servers, they are experts in provisioning and support more operating systems, control panels, and configurations than their competitors.

Their network and infrastructure is also top notch, featuring redundant, high-speed connectivity, and carrier neutral, PCI compliant data centers. This infrastructure not only means that they offer 100% uptime, but that they can consistently meet that promise for the majority of customers.

The Bad

The one thing to be aware of when choosing a dedicated server from ServerPronto is that they are self-managed. Customers who have no experience working with a true dedicated server may find it daunting to get things up and running initially.

To help with this, ServerPronto created a Setup Assist program that it offers free to all new customers. The program offers free access to certified system administrators for the first 30 days to help with standard server set up tasks. The Setup Assistance program offers help with setting up FTP, configuring DNS, enabling Web site hosting, configuring POP3/IMAP/SMTP e-mal services, SQL database hosting, and more.

The Ugly

If there is an ugly side to ServerPronto, it's that they are an ongoing target for fraud. Because they offer same-day provisioning and a web-based interface- hackers and spammers are consistently trying to gain access to ServerPronto servers. This can occasionally cause delays in processing - for example, if your order appears to be fraudulent, the provisioning team may flag the order for a call back. In extreme circumstances, your server may not be provisioned until someone is able to reach you by phone.


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